Designed with covertness in mind by combining a certain colour palette into the fabrics with the purpose of keeping you out of sight and out of mind. Pantone 448 C is the colour used in this t-shirt. A combination of brown, green, khaki and a bit of puke (a genuine colour) which results in the worlds 'ugliest' colour. As it is made favourable for its unattractive shade and lack of appeal, we thought it would work best within the GrayMan line due to its undesirability which allows it to be worn discreetly.


The Nanometer 555 T was created by analyzing the way cones in our eyes are stimulated by different wavelengths of light. The human eye is found to be most sensitive to light at a wavelength of 555 nanometers - a bright green. It stands out against any road you’re biking down or any mountain you’re climbing, allowing you to remain visible even from high in the air. The Carbon Nano Meter 555 T is ideal for anyone who wants to be seen when adventuring into the unknown.


Mountbatten pink is a naval camouflage colour introduced by Lord Mountbatten of the British Royal Navy during World War II. He applied the colour to his own ships combining medium grey with a small amount of Venetian red, believing the colour would render his ships difficult to see. Mountbatten Pink was found to be one of the most successful camouflage colours during its time used and became so successful that it was eventually used on British planes and land vehicles. 

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