DEFCON Soundtrack + Video | The Highest State Of Readiness

The alarm rings, you wake up, hit the snooze button, and fall back asleep. The gun fires, you take off the starting line, but not quite fast enough. An incident happens, there are multiple casualties, but your not quite alert enough to react. But science has now shed a light on how we can enhance our sensory perception by delivering an energy boost through certain wavelength and colour patterns. Designed to combat hearing loss, distorted vision, irrational thoughts, increase mental activity, prevention from distraction, increase focus as-well as migraine prevention, our DEFense readiness CONdition or DEFCON movie uses light and...

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Baker Miller Soundtrack + Video | For Maximum Relaxation

Listening to our Baker Miller soundtrack is a universally accessible path to unwind, increase productivity and fall asleep when overly stimulated. This is achieved by lowering the listener’s blood pressure, stress levels and heart rate by utilising dreamy rhythms with slow, low impulse frequencies to induce a dreamlike state. In fact, the soundtrack is considered so effective that it’s dangerous to listen to while driving! Our Baker Miller soundtrack has even been shown to induce a 65% reduction in anxiety and a 35% reduction in usual physiological resting rates. Brain imaging studies have shown that the music works at a...

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The picture that 'BREAKS YOUR BRAIN' - WARNING: This trick can affect your vision for a long period of time

The McCollough effect. It involves staring at images of vertical and horizontal lines, and it can make you see black and white as green and red for up to three and a half months. WARNING: This trick can affect your vision for a long period of time  The McCollough effect was found by psychologist Celeste McCollough Howard in Canada in 1965, and involves staring at a black and white test image for up to a minute. This is followed by staring at horizontal and vertical red and green lines, causing other lines to appear red and green.   To perform the...

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Surviving the Arctic | Worst Case Scenario

Here are some vital tips to staging alive whilst enduring one of the harshest environments known to man.   Key Items: Water/Food: At least a few gallons of water is advisable in harsh conditions. Fire-starting material: Flint, matches, or a lighter. 550 Cord: This gets its name from the weight it can bear. Good for making shelters, trapping animals, and treating wounds. Blankets/Poncho A metal container: For boiling water. It's not safe to eat mass amounts of snow off the ground. Must be a non-petrol carrying container. Kill two birds with one stone and carry a can of beans. Tape: Electrical or gorilla duct...

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Surviving The Cold | Worst Case Scenario

Every year, cold weather injuries claim countless people who ventured into the unforgiving elements unprepared and untrained. Don’t be one of them. If however you end up in such an environment, first do yourself a favor and memorize the US Army’s KOLD acronym: Keep it clean, avoid Overheating, wear clothing Loose and in Layers, and keep clothing Dry.  How to Survive the Cold Cover every inch of your body. Exposure to these elements can be a sure way to find yourself in a bad situation. In addition to the obvious — covering your feet, legs, arms, and core like you would in normal...

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Surviving An Acid Attack | Worst Case Scenario

On the evening of 14 July 2017, 5 acid attacks took place in London over the course of a 72 minute period. Acid attacks are spontaneous events and usually there is very little that can be done to prevent them.   How to Survive an Acid Attack 1)  Make sure the surrounding area is safe. Make sure you should wear gloves, so you don’t come into contact with the chemical as-well. St John Ambulance - “If the chemical is in powder form, it can be brushed off of the skin.” The best action to take is to ‘try and flood the burn...

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