UK Knife Law

NOTE: We are NOT legal professionals. We are NOT offering professional legal advice in any way - this is something that you would need to seek independently. This is NOT a Government website. This article serves as a guide to UK laws that surrounds the carrying and use of knives in the UK.

The details here are for information purposes only, always bear in mind that UK laws are ever evolving and may or may not be updated. Read this guide carefully and use it alongside your own judgement and common sense.

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Carbon will and may carry out full identity checks (NOT Credit Checks) on anyone wishing to order any age-restricted products from our website. Whilst we always strictly follow the law, we must emphasise to our customers that any product purchased from us must be used responsibly and appropriately.

Landing yourself in any legal trouble is rare, but follow these simple rules and you should never have any problems.


UK Knife Law

When we break down UK knife law, it’s not quite as confusing as it first appears, although in some areas it can be a little vague. The key term is that of ‘Reasonable Cause’. You must have a genuine and evident reason for carrying a knife.

Folding Knives - UK knife law clearly states that any knife with a non-locking blade less than three inches in length is legal to carry in the UK. HOWEVER, should you take this into an environment where you have no justification to carry a knife, such as a petrol station, sporting event, supermarket, etc, then you should expect to be prosecuted.

Fixed blade OR locking blade knives - of any length are not illegal to own or carry, IF you have ‘Reasonable Cause’ for doing so. If you’re a chef for example, carrying a roll of knives to and from work OR you’re a fisherman needing a fillet knife, or maybe a woodworker, carpenter or bushcraft instructor traveling to and from work. IF you’re unable to show ‘Reasonable Cause’ then you may be prosecuted.

The emphasis and responsibility is always down to the owner/person using/carrying the knife and it is your job to be able to provide sufficient evidence of ‘Reasonable Cause’. Ignorance or forgetfulness is not justifiable.

You must always be aware of your surroundings, even a `UK-Legal` knife can be regarded as an issue in some surroundings. Likewise a `Non-Legal` bushcraft knife can be regarded as acceptable if a legitimate use can be established.

It’s important to stress that ALL the knives or blades we stock as part of our products are legal to own and use with ‘Reasonable Cause’. Unlike some places, we try to steer away from the terms of ‘UK-Legal Carry’ as this implies that other knives that are available in the UK are not legal, but as described above, all of the cutting tools sold via our website are legal if being used responsibly and appropriately in the correct environments.

When a knife is not being used, it must be stored correctly, safely and away from public view and children

Some Knives which are illegal to own in the UK are:

Flick Knives, Switchblades, Gravity Assisted Knives, Automatic Knives, Push Daggers, Belt Buckle Knives, Cane Swords, Balisongs or ‘Butterfly Knives’, Disguised Knives, Knuckle Duster Knives, Throwing Stars, Stealth Knives ‘Airport Knives’, and as of 2016 knives that are described as 'Zombie Killers/killing knives' but this also applies to other cutting implements with the same description.

All of the above are also illegal to sell or import into the UK.


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